Cricket, frequently hailed as a sport embodying gentlemanly value, boasts a deep and colorful history adorned with awe-inspiring instances and exceptional accomplishments.  In this article, we delve two unexpected incident of cricket history when A batter continued his batting after giving them out. we can consider this as out batsman batting again.

Out batsman batting again

Out batsman batting again Incident one

On the 25th of April in the year 1999, in a One Day International match held at Bridgetown, Barbados, between Australia and West Indies, a significant moment unfolded. West Indian batsman Sherwin Campbell faced dismissal in the match that transpired between Australia and West Indies. Despite being sent out of the field, he returned to the crease once again. In the 29th over of the second innings of the match, with the team’s score at 131 runs, Barbadian batsman Sherwin Campbell was at the non-striker’s end, having scored a personal total of 52 runs & Jimmy Adams was in the striking end.

When Australian bowler Brendon Julian bowled, Adams attempted to take a single, but the quick start from the non-striker’s end resulted in Barbadian batsman Campbell being obstructed by the bowler Julian, and Australian fielder Michael Bevan combined forces to run Campbell out. Campbell attempted to appeal for the attention of the umpires, but they declared him out. Whether it was Julian’s intentional provocation or an unintentional mistake, the crowed of Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados, couldn’t accept this incident.

After Campbell left the field, the spectators began to throw bottles, and the play remained suspended for nearly 45 minutes. As for Australia’s appeal, the decision was made to allow Campbell to bat once again. West Indies set a target of 196 runs in 40 overs. In this remarkable match, Sherwin Campbell leading the team to victory and was chosen as the Man of the Match for scoring 62 runs.


Out batsman batting again Incident two

On the 31st of July 2011, during a Test match between England and India at Trent Bridge Stadium, Nottingham, English batsman Ian Bell was declared out, but later, he was seen returning to the crease to resume his batting.

On the 3rd day of the match, just before the tea break, Indian bowler Ishant Sharma delivered the last ball of the 66th over, which English batsman Morgan flicked. As the ball approached the boundary, fielder Praveen Kumar attempted to stop it. Following that, a comical incident took place. When the Indian fielder returns the ball to the wicketkeeper, after completing 3 runs the non-striking batsman Bell walked out of the crease as he thought tea break started. After seeing the batsman out of the crease Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni appealed for an out breaking the stumps.

As per the laws of cricket, the batsman is declared out for leave the crease before the announcement of the over. However, due to a misunderstanding, the umpire asked the Indian captain to reconsider for a review, he declined. The umpire declared Bell out, and along with it, the play took a tea break. The spectators on the field keep chanting the slogan ‘Cheetah, cheetah’. during brake English coach and captain requested Dhoni for a review, the Indian team called back batsman Ian Bell for batting once again.

After the tea break, Bell resumes batting again & in a short span of time, Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni transformed from a villain to a hero. Ian Bell bats again in this innings and scores 159 runs.

In the grand tapestry of cricket history, the story of the “Out Batsman Batting Again” stands as a shining example of the unexpected incident of cricket. It redefines the essence of sportsmanship. This chapter remains a reminder that the greatest moments often emerge from the unlikeliest of circumstances.