The only footballer to win the World Cup three times. The world has lost him. But Pele remains arguably the greatest footballer of all time. He is the king of football. Gone today, don’t come back. But for the football lovers, all the magical moments have been left for the people. Here are some of those moments during Pele’s farewell.

pele died

Goal on debut

Pele made his professional football debut in 1956. The magician was only 15 years old then. After a successful trial, Pele joined Santos just a few days ago. And this football player known as ‘Black Manik’ scored in the team’s 7-1 victory. Then in July 1957 against Argentina, the king of football scored a goal on his international debut in Brazil’s 2-1 victory at the Maracana with a big message as a teenager.

The birth of a king

Pele made his world football debut at the 1958 World Cup in Sweden. However, he has to wait until the quarter finals to make himself known. When the backline of Wales shook and scored the victory for the team, the king of football. After that, Pele should announce his reign by scoring a hat-trick in the semi-finals. And chose the final match to ensure his immortality. His first goal in a 5–2 win over Sweden is still considered one of the greatest goals of all time. And with this World Cup, one of the best footballers of all time was born.

Continental Champion

In 1962, Pele made Santos the continental champion at the club level. In the Copa Libertidos tie against Peñarol over two leagues, Pele crossed the line for Santos in the play-offs at the neutral venue Estadio Monumental. His game-changing play in the second half of that match is still etched in history. It was Santos’ first South American trophy.

Pele stopped the war

Pele’s legend is not limited to the football field. Even on the stage of war, this superman had a great impact. The incident happened in 1967. Santos went to play in Nigeria. Nigeria and Biafra declared a 48-hour ceasefire to watch Pele play. This is a unique event in the history of the world.

1000 goals

There is controversy about this. But what is beyond dispute is that on November 19, 1969, the fans of Santos and Vasco da Gama stood and honored Pele for his 1000th goal.

Immortality in the World Cup

1958 World Cup winning hero. Injury did not allow him to become a hero in the 62 World Cup. However, the discomfort is removed by 70-A. Pele won the third World Cup for Brazil and took the place of the sole king of the football throne.