Brazilian football great Pele has left the world. The 82-year-old legend died while undergoing treatment at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo on Thursday. Even after being hospitalized for a long time, the physical condition was not improving.

pele died

Pele became the king of football by playing in Brazilian club Santos. According to Brazilian media, Pela wished to be taken to Santos Club stadium after his death. According to Pele’s wishes, his body will be taken to the Urbano Caldeira Stadium in Sao Paulo on January 2nd. Prior to this, Pele’s body will be prepared for burial at the Albert Einstein hospital.
Santos FC authorities said Pele’s coffin will be kept at the Urbano Caldeira stadium for 24 hours. There fans will get a chance to show their respects to him. The next day, Pele’s body will be carried on its final journey through the streets of Santos to Pele’s centenarian bedridden mother, Celeste Arantes. Finally, Pele will be laid to rest at the Memoria Necropolis Ecumenica.